Top UNESCO Heritage Sites in Portugal

angra do heroismo

Top UNESCO Heritage Sites in Portugal, by region… As of the close of 2021, there are officially 17 Unesco Heritage Sites listed in Portugal, with a further 19 on the tentative list. Clearly, that goes to show the wealth of fabulous destinations scattered throughout the country, indeed a noteworthy feat considering the relatively small size of Portugal. […]

Travelling with kids


Travelling with the kids: Four helpful tips to make family holidays memorable! Everyone knows that travel builds character, and that is doubly true for children. Through travel little ones have the opportunity to try new food, see new sights, create lasting memories, and to spent time with family in a different setting. However, as any […]

Must-dos in Parque das Nações in Lisbon

Parque das Nacoes

Must-Dos in Parque das Nações: Lisbon is known for its iconic narrow cobblestone streets, the charming Alfama Fado clubs, and its various landmarks like the Monument to the Explorers and the Castelo of São Jorge; postcard-picturesque attractions like these draw incredible numbers of tourists annually. But what about Lisbon’s more modern side? Is it worth […]

Why Portugal ranks highest for preferred travel destinations


Why Portugal ranks highest for preferred travel destinations… Portugal’s stunning but very different regions, their various histories, gastronomies, and of course, their wines make Portugal one of the most wondrous of places to visit, and the world is taking notice. From Condé Nast to TimeOut, publications and tourism organisations are naming it the best place […]

São Miguel 3 day travel guide


The Azores (Açores in Portuguese) is an autonomous region of Portugal and consists of nine islands, the largest of which is São Miguel. The islands of Pico, Terceira, São Jorge, Faial, Flores, Santa Maria, Graciosa, and Corvo are nearby, accessible by either ferry or small plane, but they require time and advance planning to get to.  Here are some recommendations for three days-full of activities that […]