Travelling with kids

January 7th, 2022 |

Everyone knows that travel builds character, and that is doubly true for children. Through travel little ones have the opportunity to try new food, see new sights, create lasting memories, and to spent time with family in a different setting. However, as any parent can attest, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Travelling with children can be an overwhelming undertaking, as different settings bring with it different challenges like altered routines, picky eaters, and meltdowns at something unfamiliar. There are things you can do to prepare for these inevitabilities, however, that can make your trip a fond memory instead of a logistical and emotional nightmare. 

Advance Research
on kid-friendly activities/restaurants

Kids will be kids, no matter what age they are, so having a list of fun things to do and see can ease the stress, and maintaining some semblance of a schedule can be a big help, especially for the younger kids. Think family bike hire, water parks, zoos, childrens’ museums, dolphin watching, or any kind of tour where you can sit comfortably and see lots of new things — like a double-decker bus tour.

Access to downtime & fun amenities

Building in some easy downtime for yourself and them is essential, so having access to a pool or playground where you are staying is a blessing. It’s an added bonus if it’s got enough safe lawn space for the little ones to run around in and get dirty. That’s truly a bonus of renting a villa, since you have space, privacy, and access to all the amenities you would have at home and more. Having a washer/dryer, for example, is a game-changer so you don’t have to pack too many changes of clothes. Access to a luxurious bubble bath at night can make evening routines that much more exciting…and not just for the kids.

Let your kids decide what they want to do

Giving your kids (if they are old enough) the power to plan even a portion of the day is key if you want them to enjoy themselves. Let them decide if they want to learn to surf, horse riding or play tennis, for example, thus determining the destination and making it more appealing. For older kids like pre-teens or teenagers, allowing them to plan one full day in advance can boost their engagement and make them feel like their needs are just as important as everyone else’s in the family. And if you can stomach it, parents may want to allow their older teens the option to explore a destination on their own for a couple of hours (eep!).

Give yourself a break

Planning a day or night out without the kids can also be fun for both parties. The kids feel like they are the masters of the house for a change while the parents can regroup and engage in activities that would otherwise be impossible with the family- like eat at a Michellin-star restaurant, practice an extreme sport or even just play a quiet round of golf, or simply relax together at a local spa. AB Villa Rentals will help you arrange catering, babysitting services and more, so that you can find more time to enjoy yourself, making the most of your holiday.

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