Top UNESCO Heritage Sites in Portugal

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Top UNESCO Heritage Sites in Portugal, by region… As of the close of 2021, there are officially 17 Unesco Heritage Sites listed in Portugal, with a further 19 on the tentative list. Clearly, that goes to show the wealth of fabulous destinations scattered throughout the country, indeed a noteworthy feat considering the relatively small size of Portugal. […]

How to travel to Portugal from your armchair!

travel from armchair

Whilst your holiday plans may have been postponed, there is no reason why you can’t visit Portugal without leaving home and from the comfort of your armchair right now. A book description, a certain film scenery or tasting a wine from a particular region, all have the power to transport you somewhere else in a […]

How to survive a villa holiday in Portugal!

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How to survive a villa holiday in Portugal! Planning a Portugal holiday rental with friends or family? Here are our tips to strike the perfect balance for spending some quality time together and enjoying what this great country has to offer: When to go, or when not to go? That is the question! If you […]

Wining it on the Douro Valley

Quinta do Torto Vineyard View

All city stresses and noise were swept away as we left Porto and entered the magical landscapes of the Douro Valley.  The Douro Valley Words simply cannot do it justice. Rippling slopes of terraced vineyards wrapped their folds around us as we smoothed along roads that became gradually slenderer and twistier, like the river below […]

Why a private chef or cook service at your luxury villa holiday?


Booking holiday catering is a great way to give “mum” an extra special vacation! At some of our luxury villas, you can get meals delivered to your holiday rental ready with instructions how to finish them off, have it all prepared in your own kitchen by the villa’s private cook or you can book a chef-at-home service. […]